Let's get started ...

My mum was dressmaker / sewer. She had her own room complete with knitting machine, Berlina sewing machine and mannequin. It was her space and she would spend hours in there, creative and calm. As a child the term 'pattern' had one meaning; it was those cutouts that mum would buy in order to knit or sew an item of clothing.

As an adult I have been known to have visceral reactions to being near or inside fabric shops, born of what seemed like countless hours tagging behind mum as she perused the endless rolls of material. I can still hear the sound of the industrial scissors against the bench top as purchases were made. The best bit of the whole experience (relatively speaking) was when, as they would sometimes do, the woman would nick the fabric and then proceed to tear it off the roll by grabbing the corners and reefing their arms apart - I thought that looked cool and the ripping sounded decadently playful.

Who would have thought that I would come around and develop a love of patterns, albeit with a broader understanding? On this website I'll explore my perceptions of patterns and how they have been helpful for me over the years. Thanks for visiting.