Why this site?

I love seeing and understanding patterns. Not only because of their inherent beauty and how interesting they can be, but because I believe pattern intelligence and pattern wisdom can enhance our ability to live well. I find am regularly less interested in content, or the thing, or the behaviour, but am fascinated by its relationship with it's context and how it came to be in the first place. What is it similar to? In essence, but also in its development? What meaning is ascribed to it and what other things get ascribed similar meaning?

One of the competencies that sits alongside pattern intelligence is being able to join dots. Being tuned into how a data point that is part of one pattern can be related to a data point in another pattern. This all sounds a bit esoteric without examples which in turn can present as a bit prosaic. 

This site is where I will explore these ideas, and identify examples of pattern intelligence and wisdom. I am a generalist, but I'm also good at a few things. One of them is facilitation both in the way it is normally understood as applying to workshops and meetings, but also in the broader sense of being able to bring people together and facilitate collaboration and collective effort towards a goal. Facilitation is a craft in which I have pressed toward mastery. One of the other things I'm good at is recognising patterns. It's not something that I have come across as a domain of expertise that is even identified as a 'thing', let alone a practise or a craft that can be developed. I don't even know if it is a skill that can be learned, or is simply a talent.

This site is my exploration of whether in fact it is, or could be 'a thing', or if I am simply overthinking or making something up to justify what I think is a worthwhile practise and discipline, but may actually not be. I will be experimenting my way forward. I do not have a plan other than to write pieces that express pattern knowledge, intelligence or wisdom and see what emerges. What patterns will I observe?!

It will be unpolished, so if you do stumble on it, please recognise it as a work in progress. There is a pipeline of pattern posts which I will release periodically. Any feedback is most welcome.